Ice Bucket Challenge, an effective trend of our time.


If you have not yet heard of “Ice Bucket Challenge” (IBC), you may be in a cave the past 3 weeks and have not spoken to anyone. The IBC has existed for almost a year, but it was popularized virally for some time when golf  celebrities have used it to increase the visibility and attention to ALS, a disease still that was still unknowned by most people until recently, including me.

What impresses me most is the world wide enthusiasm that IBC has created. People from all over the world are engaged by launching icy water on their head to create visibility and raise funds to fight this disease.
I think the main factor totally blew the concept of virality of this movement is that each participant in turns, must nominate three more people, which is quickly snowballing and so far has raised more than $ 70 million.

Is that the time for fundraising dinners, sales of chocolate bars, galas and telethon vanished or old fashioned?

I think people always feel a need to support the causes that spread positive effects in the world, and even more, they actively wish to participate in it. I hope there will be many more success stories like this in the future.

Of course, some people criticized this move, saying that it wastes water, or that it is not wise to publicly demonstrate to whom we donated … I answer by referring that people have the right to give their money wherever they whishes and should not have to feel guilty no matter how they choose to do it. I think the IBC is an example of a successful awareness campaign that has used modern methods and avant-garde to spead the word quickly and efficiently.

Personally, I did not take part in this fundraiser, but the popularity of the viral effect I was certainly aware of ALS and people struggling with this disease. I chose to support other causes, but I raise my hat real high to all those who have taken up the challenge of IBC.