Online Marketing Plan

Following the consultation, this step establish the strategies and tactics available to achieve your goals.

Taking into account your resources, you will be handed an action plan that will give you a guideline for all of your online marketing activities.

Planning and best practices

There is a distinction between having technological skills and know how to apply the right marketing efforts on the web. You have in hand a guide that will give your team processes and tips for each of the recommended tools in order to achieve your marketing objectives.

Innovative ideas

You will possess a list of original ideas that can help you design content that will capture the attention of your target audience (contests, campaigns or themes).

Policy for internal use

A policy of internal use lets you draw a line to communicate to your users and employees what is accepted and what is not. Crisis case? What to do when an employee or an online user writes defamatory or confidential comments on the internet? Members of your organization are to be made aware of these policies and the steps to follow when there is a failure.