Online marketing, still unknown by many entrepreneurs

I often hear this statement: “I ​​have someone who takes care of my website, Facebook and such.” Many entrepreneurs choose not to get involved in the development of their online marketing. Is it a lack of interest, or that entrepreneurs do not see the true value of online media? I’ve noticed entrepreneurs spend several hours in the development and verification of a printed when it disappeared in less than 24 hours notice.

The importance of having a plan to create a process and a guideline for Internet publications: Build routing for the design and content checking process.

We must make certain that the marketing objectives are well understood by the person responsible for Web media.
We must ensure compliance of the brand (logo, colors, the tone of the messages).
There must be a specific budget for the maintenance of the website, social media and online advertising.
There must be a schedule of publications.
We need to develop a policy for internal use.

Once all these issues are addressed, your marketing efforts online will provide better results, and you become more and more interested.