Person Centred Universe website revamp

A new site is always an exciting project to undergo, well at least that’s my opinion so don’t take my word for it. Most times, revamping a website brings fundamental questions about “what should be where?” and “are we keeping this info?”.  Just like going through spring cleaning, sometimes you end up with a cleaner perspective on your content.

Person Centred Universe website kept almost all the original ideas, it was simply a matter of making clear paths for the end user. Making sure that visitors understood what the site is about and to whom it is aimed and what is intended (call to action).

The site will still grow and improve over time, a blog and more realistic pictures will be added, thus improving the SEO and the legitimacy of the organisation in regards to dementia.

Finally the site also boast an online booking system for introduction sessions.

Person Centred Universe offers a solid ground to family caregivers and healthcare personnel who are directly affected by a person with dementia.  Coaching and workshops are available to citizens across Canada since the organisation makes the most of today’s technologies and therefore reducing the boundaries of distances.

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