RJC Accounting Services’ Web Project

Sometimes a mere coat of paint is enough to give new life to an object or a house. Other times, it is better to start over. When it came to RJC Accounting Services’ website, there was talk of an overhaul: rjcaccounting.ca

A website must be simple, accessible, and easy to maintain. For this project, it was clear that Wix would make a good platform to achieve the objectives.

Now officially launched, the new website offers a more modern image, and its marketing elements show up better. The appointment calendar is easier to find, and the color theme is attractive. Colors were inspired by the logo therefore provide a nice flow and correspond to the RJC Accounting Services’ trademark.

The customer gains on all levels with a flexible and dynamic platform.

As it is essential that a website be easily accessible to smart phones and tablets, a mobile version was configured. The website also boasts more elements to improve SEO, such as ALT tags, page titles, and descriptions.

Visit rjcaccounting.ca and let Robbert Cavanaugh know how awesome his new website really is.

Mobile Version.

mobile version