Person Centred Universe website revamp

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A new site is always an exciting project to undergo, well at least that’s my opinion so don’t take my word for it. Most times, revamping a website brings fundamental questions about “what should be where?” and “are we keeping this info?”.  Just like going through spring cleaning, sometimes you end up with a cleaner perspective on your content.

Person Centred Universe website kept almost all the original ideas, it was simply a matter of making clear paths for the end user. Making sure that visitors understood what the site is about and to whom it is aimed and what is intended (call to action).

The site will still grow and improve over time, a blog and more realistic pictures will be added, thus improving the SEO and the legitimacy of the organisation in regards to dementia.

Finally the site also boast an online booking system for introduction sessions.

Person Centred Universe offers a solid ground to family caregivers and healthcare personnel who are directly affected by a person with dementia.  Coaching and workshops are available to citizens across Canada since the organisation makes the most of today’s technologies and therefore reducing the boundaries of distances.

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Website Optimization

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There comes a time in a business when managers realize they need to step up the online marketing game. They want their website to appear higher than those of their competitors. They want more people to find them online. You have found this site using SEO Moncton so you know that we can work your site also.

Before you spread your wallet wide open because you believed the smoke and mirror of a paper directory salesman, DL Consultation propose to have a look at your online properties and write a plan to help your business on the long term.

Together, we will determine a goal and lay down the strategies that will make your online marketing effective.

Optimizing a website takes some time, that is if you want it to be strong for a longer period of time.  Within six Months your site will already show some acquired improvements.

We will generate content that will be periodically released online in order to increase and maintain your business visibility online.

Because SEO requires a lot of content over time, we will develop engaging content that will leave positive image to your brand and also generate engaging feedback from social media.

When you are ready, talk to an SEO Expert in Moncton about your objective.

Contact Dave Levesque at or 506.871.7269

Proven SEO service in Moncton

seo moncton dl consultation

Did you ever dreamed of having your business website to show up in top results in Google? Well this is exactly our biggest strength. Within Months, your site will surpasse your competitors and your expectations. DL Consultation is the go to agency for SEO in Moncton.

Tired or paying for false promisses from the same people who still print paper directories?

First: We meet and discuss long term goals.

Second: We apply a strategic plan to ramp up your site and your online presence.

Third: We mesure the results.

Sound simple? Lets begin call 506.871.7269

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Add some color in your life with

Starting an online shop is always a challenge, but it is a rewarding project. Bath bombs are increasingly popular and so that is why it is an opportunity worth chasing.

This shop uses Shopify a well known e-commerce platform. Based in Canada, Shopify allows merchant so set up a shop easily and start selling online. Here’s a link you can use to receive your 14 days trial. 

DL Consultation was hired to help with the configuration setup, from stock management to shipping rate without forgetting taxes and bank account setup. You can contact Dave Levesque to schedule a meeting and discuss your online shop project.

RJC Accounting Services’ Web Project

Sometimes a mere coat of paint is enough to give new life to an object or a house. Other times, it is better to start over. When it came to RJC Accounting Services’ website, there was talk of an overhaul:

A website must be simple, accessible, and easy to maintain. For this project, it was clear that Wix would make a good platform to achieve the objectives.

Now officially launched, the new website offers a more modern image, and its marketing elements show up better. The appointment calendar is easier to find, and the color theme is attractive. Colors were inspired by the logo therefore provide a nice flow and correspond to the RJC Accounting Services’ trademark.

The customer gains on all levels with a flexible and dynamic platform.

As it is essential that a website be easily accessible to smart phones and tablets, a mobile version was configured. The website also boasts more elements to improve SEO, such as ALT tags, page titles, and descriptions.

Visit and let Robbert Cavanaugh know how awesome his new website really is.

Mobile Version.

mobile version

Internal Internet Usage Policy

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Does your business have an Internet Usage Policy? Whether for better staff performance or to protect the image of your company, it is important to consider some usage guidelines.
Ultimately, the objective is to develop a document which will inform people within an organization what is allowed, what is not, and the consequences for insubordination.
The purpose of internal policy becomes evident when there are questions regarding an employee’s behavior. It’s hard to blame someone for spending too much time on social media or for publishing something that hurts the company brand if no clear guidelines were given.
Your internal policies do not need to to be drafted by a military general to be valid; you simply need to ask yourself some questions:
Is it permitted for employees to access social networking sites while on duty? If so, how much time per day is permissible, and what is the procedure in case of failure to comply?
What happens if an employee writes negative comments about your company? Do you offer access to a private forum where your employees can communicate their concerns, make suggestions and comments?
What happens in the case of harassment? When it is in the workplace, or what if it concerns an employee towards a client through social media? Does your present policy on harassment also take into account actions committed in private, after work hours on Facebook, for example?
What happens if one of your employees states on Facebook he/she works within your company, and that he/she posts messages of hate or racism?
There commonly are people who publicly condemn their “poor work conditions” on social media. I find it lamentable that employers do not intervene. There are also employees who consistently publish promotions and sales messages on their personal profile, which can actually harm the company brand.
5 Steps to Writing your Internal Policy:

Make a list of issues and fears you have concerning the use of social media by employees.
The issues and concerns can be different for each organization. A company can encourage employees to personally respond to comments on its business pages, while others opt for a single source of communication.

Consult employees for input on each of your points/regulations.
You do not want to create a list of regulations that would be too hard on staff morale, or which might end up being too challenging to manage. By having a consultation, it will allow everyone to agree on fair rules, and your employees will want to respect them.

Issue the Usage Policy for your employees, and determine an effective date.
Everyone in your organization should be aware that you will soon have an Internet Usage Policy in place. In the same way as your Absenteeism Policy, the new list of rules must be seen as part of the company’s Code of Ethics rather than a control tactic.

Make sure you have the necessary means of verification to respect policies.
Will you completely remove access to certain sites through your router settings? Or will you rely on the goodwill of your employees? Will there be people responsible to watch over the behavior of others? Or will you commit to a means of denunciation? Monitoring could add pressure on staff, while relying solely on trust can create friction between those who respect policies and those who may not.

Keep it up to date. Allow for changes and updates.
It is possible that changes will be necessary in the beginning in order to measure performance and to ensure healthy work conditions. You want to protect your brand and increase productivity without compromising the work environment.

Let’s discuss Internet Usage Policy for your business.

Online marketing, still unknown by many entrepreneurs

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I often hear this statement: “I ​​have someone who takes care of my website, Facebook and such.” Many entrepreneurs choose not to get involved in the development of their online marketing. Is it a lack of interest, or that entrepreneurs do not see the true value of online media? I’ve noticed entrepreneurs spend several hours in the development and verification of a printed when it disappeared in less than 24 hours notice.

The importance of having a plan to create a process and a guideline for Internet publications: Build routing for the design and content checking process.

We must make certain that the marketing objectives are well understood by the person responsible for Web media.
We must ensure compliance of the brand (logo, colors, the tone of the messages).
There must be a specific budget for the maintenance of the website, social media and online advertising.
There must be a schedule of publications.
We need to develop a policy for internal use.

Once all these issues are addressed, your marketing efforts online will provide better results, and you become more and more interested.

Ice Bucket Challenge, an effective trend of our time.

ice bucket challenge


If you have not yet heard of “Ice Bucket Challenge” (IBC), you may be in a cave the past 3 weeks and have not spoken to anyone. The IBC has existed for almost a year, but it was popularized virally for some time when golf  celebrities have used it to increase the visibility and attention to ALS, a disease still that was still unknowned by most people until recently, including me.

What impresses me most is the world wide enthusiasm that IBC has created. People from all over the world are engaged by launching icy water on their head to create visibility and raise funds to fight this disease.
I think the main factor totally blew the concept of virality of this movement is that each participant in turns, must nominate three more people, which is quickly snowballing and so far has raised more than $ 70 million.

Is that the time for fundraising dinners, sales of chocolate bars, galas and telethon vanished or old fashioned?

I think people always feel a need to support the causes that spread positive effects in the world, and even more, they actively wish to participate in it. I hope there will be many more success stories like this in the future.

Of course, some people criticized this move, saying that it wastes water, or that it is not wise to publicly demonstrate to whom we donated … I answer by referring that people have the right to give their money wherever they whishes and should not have to feel guilty no matter how they choose to do it. I think the IBC is an example of a successful awareness campaign that has used modern methods and avant-garde to spead the word quickly and efficiently.

Personally, I did not take part in this fundraiser, but the popularity of the viral effect I was certainly aware of ALS and people struggling with this disease. I chose to support other causes, but I raise my hat real high to all those who have taken up the challenge of IBC.